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Monday, November 23, 2009

Sista's new pet

Project 365 #230


this is my sista new pet.


Hi, new pet

welcome to Tan's family


Went to the shop twice in order to get this baby back. Failed to get the baby back during the first visit bcoz we din call up and ask if they hav ready stocks for EOS 1000D. Rite. Went all the way to PJ SS2 to bring this baby back as I am lazy to survey around and my fren got her DSLR here. XD You know la...liddat when I step into the shop I can tell who who who introduce me here la...then ask for more discount and free gifts. Teehee. Yea rite...auntie betul. ><"

I wanted to get myself one too but no budget. T_T. I love photography. I do. Serious la. I always like to snap those very artistic(SS) mia photo. LOLz. Yea rite...now I wil just b good...look how sis play wid her DSLR wid red eye. Sobz...She dun allow me to touch her baby. Buhuuu...Aha! I can offer myself to b sis model as she need to practice her photo shootting skill. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH...wait for nice nice photos from me ya! kthxbaimwah.

Hey sis! Remember ther's always a ready model for you. lolz
(muka tembok'ing xD)