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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day Out^^

Project 365 #228

Day out to Mid Valley and The Garden^^
(which is only next to each other)

Watched 2012 for the 2nd time
premier class



had dinner
@ Kiku Zakura Japanese Resto

widout spending a single cents.


Wokay. Dated wid Lau Mun Yee for outing today. Been long since the last time we met. It wil either be bcoz he is bz or I can't make it. Okay. I admit...most of the time I am the one who can't make it. LOLz.

Went to Opis and work in the morning b4 the outing. Yea...rite...even have to work on Saturday. =.=" Reached opis ard 10am. I blast the music in the opis while working. Lucky to have air-cond. in the morning else I can't imagine how am I going to work in this stuffy enviornment. I just cant make myself to concentrate while working. Keep looking at the back and side of my working table...worrying that ther might b somebody or "somebody" looking at me or suddenly pop bside me. ><" Leave the Co. at 1pm. Walked to the other side of Co. to get some water b4 I left. Crapz. After I've stay in the opis for 3 hours only I get to know that I AM WORKING ALONE IN THE OPIS. WTH. ><" Rite. I tot that there will for sure be somebody who came to opis and work during Saturday. Yeap. This field always require people to sometimes work during weekends but definately not for my post. ><" OH Fine. I just came to work today after I've been working here for a year. =.=" Oh wait. This is my forth times tho. Been back to opis to work during Sunday and public holidays. ><" SIGH. Meh Lei geh...=.=" So hardworking dunno for wat. lolz. OPpppsss...sorwee...back to the line. *I AM WORKING ALONE IN THE OPIS. WTH. ><" *Ahem...Obviously nobody in the opis today. =.=. I grabbed a packet of water and dashed off from the opis praying very hard that nobody tailed me from early to morning and waited me outside the opis while I am working in the opis. Run very fast to the car park, hop into car, shut the door and start the engine. *Phew...lucky...*take a deep breathe and released I am now safe in car. LOLz. Yea I know I am thinking too much...LOLz. Hey. I am just being caution when I am alone. XD

Went to look for Lau Mun Yee and there we head to Mid Valley. It's Lau Mun Yee's treat for the 2012 movie. We watched premier class @ the gardens. Oh crapz. Small incident happened. A auntie get the same Tix and seats number as ours. The way she talk to me was so rude whn she requested for our movie tix and said she got the place first and stuff. I asked if she wanted to find the management to settle and there she walked away. A staff came to me and request for movie tix. Yea. Rite. It's the management/system fault. We both got the same seats but the staff asked me to sit down and enjoy the movie. Bwahahahahahahahahha...I dunno how he judge by looking at the tix...hmmph...mayb it's the buying time...but yea...we don hav to change seats^^ Get to understand the content more after I've watched for the second times but it is really draggy. Didn't feel that at the first time I watched it tho. XD

So yea. It's dinner time. Lau Mun Yee brings me to Kiku Zakura for dinner. I ordered Chawanmushi and Ice cream. SLURP. The ice-cream is mixed of matcha, red beans, sesame, corn flakes and ermm...can't remember the taste ady...but it srsly taste great. It made me crave for ice-cream after tat. ><" Oh yea. It's his treat as well. BWAHAHAHAHAHAH...that's why I said...din spend a single cents. XD Balik rumah after the dinner lu...Tengkiu Lau Mun Yee for the treat le. OMG. I just can't control myself in calling his full name in the car. LOLz. Oh ya. I got no typo error Lau Mun Yee is a He. Not a she. Oh gawd. He is going to whack me if he see I review his name here. lol. Bwahahahhaahhaahahahha

Till then~

Gosh...gonna do sth to my shitty hair ady