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Friday, November 27, 2009

McD Mc Flurry Oreo Mud Pie!!!

Project 365 #234

Mah new favourite ice cream.

so darn sweetenninggggggggggggggggg



omaigawd...I fall for the choc so much!


Me and sis been craving for McD since Sunday but just can't get the chance to have it. Sunday failed coz aunt offer to hav dinner wid them. Monday failed coz Mum called at the very moment and caught us buying McD...she asked us to balik rumah makan. =.=" Wanted to eat on Tuesday but the delivery man is not free...yea rite...called during peak hour -lunch time and nobody is "free" to entertain me. =.=" So Yea. AT LAST! Me and sis get to eat McD as we are passing by McD drive thru when we are on our way to Saloon. Muahahahahahahahahahah

Wanted to buy Mc Flurry Oreo only by not knowing ther's this prosperity thingy which offer Mud Pie and berries flavour. Of course the chocolate lover me ordered Mud Pie. It is srsly slurpeeyummilicious can! lolz. Awwww....I miss it already. ><" Oh well...it is kinda sweetening and fattening tho...lolz...lucky to have sis to share wid me. Hehe... Oh ya. Got my fringe straighten today. XD Just wanted to do something to my hair. Can't cut it short as I've just chopped not long ago. LOLz. Hmph...I've got no idea WHY...I will have this weird habits. I must do something towards my hair every month. That's the reason why I am having fringe...so that I can get my hair cut every month. XD Weirdo? Yea I know but I just can't resist!!! LOLz