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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Outdoor Steamboat @ Gohtong Jaya

Project 365 #235



Alrite! We had steamboat outdoor, downstairs of my fren's house @ Gohtong. A short holiday for us cum bday celebration for a Birthday Boy. I made him a very girly card wid striking pink fur surrounding the card. So Chio! LOLz. Alex, don't ever throw the card away or I wil kill you, I barely make card for ppl one kay. LOLZ

Hmmph. We went uphill after the steamboat for Birthday celebration and the birthday boy is being requested to wear tiara and have the stirking pink fur surrounding his neck. XD. Snapped a couple of photos wid him and tat's it. ><" Tot of wanna ask him parade around with the tiara but he refused. =.=" Owrite...back to my fren's house ard 5++ 6? Then I actually collasped for less than an hour...woke up, walk to the living room and "pillow talk" with the others who sleep @ living room. LOLz. AIKS. Always can't really sleep after I've passed my sleeping hour. Sienz. =.=" BUT...it's fun to have "pillow talk". Get to know each other more and it wil bring the frenship closer^^ Awww...I miss it already. When wil be the nxt time? lolz