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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Allow me

Project 365 #194 - 219


I've lost track for so long


I've lost the paper that I jotted down

what happened everyday.

Allow me to update just like this.


You are actually updated if you twitter me

at the side bar in this blog.


Sorweeeee laaaa...

Been busy.

Seriously BZ

and loads of things happened.

K la...as what I can recall...I went for a couple of movies within this period. And house got makan-makan fest on every Sunday. ><" Went to sing K wid the movie bunch. Went to library. TWICE. Marmee's Big Day at home. OWH. Blardy hell...I am assigned to take over another people's job at very last minute and only have half a day to learn everything. GOSH. I got the same pay by doing two people's work. =.=" ISH. Attended Media Prima Screening which is awesome...I am in love wid the song "I gotta feeling". Attended the TownHall @ Co, nothing special. GAHHHH. =.="(the tot of leaving bcome stronger) Had Halloween Party. First time ever in my life. Enjoyed. Had great fun! Bought a dress tat I heart a lot @ Forever 21. Cousie FU LAIIII away to Taiwan ady. T_T AND I M SERIOUSLY BUSY LIKE HELLLLL. GOSH. Hate people to always rush me for work. WTH. =.=" I need moreeeee money!!!

So Yea,

That's all.

- The End-