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Saturday, November 14, 2009


Project 365 #221

Date : 14th November 2009
Time : 1230AM
Venue : The Gardens


we watched @ Premier class


Yeappuuuuu went for 2012 with the movie gang 2day^^ 14th Nov is Movie Day @ Korea valentine and M 22y 11m now. Wootss...time srsly passes fast. =.=" Gonna b 23rd SOOONNNNNNNNN. ARGH.

So yea. We watched premier class. The first time I step into premier class is for the movie Transformer. I fall alseep for 122034479273 times while watching Transformer tat time bcoz I am too tired and the seats in Premier class is srsly comfy. Dun pray pray XD.

Rite. Bout the movie. Hmmph...It srsly makes me think of what I shud do now before everything is too late bcoz we don't know what will happen next. So Yea. I am so gonna enjoy myself to the max at every single little seconds and try not to let myself regret before everything is too late. XD