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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Project 365 #347

Just want to whine



bcoz you will not be able to take it.


Wokay. It's one of my collegemates' birthday today. Went for tea time with her last Sunday and only remember it's already March when the time she tell me her fren is celebrating birthday for her this week. GOSH. Guess I've relied on FB tooooo much and I tend to forgot everybody's birthday. ><" I tot her Birthday falls on 27th AND ONLY NOTICED IT'S ON 24th!!! GAH. Yaaa riteee...whack me...So I saw her shoutout at FB...asking who want to celebrate Birthday with her. Felt sorry that I couldn't date her as I've already got date for movie. Received a text from her when I m watching movie...she asked where I am. I called her...she sounds sad...and...rite...she is crying after receiving my call. She told me she is at library together with another two frens. She juz break off wid her bf not long agoooo...and she said she can't let go. SIGH. I felt sad for her AND...rite...I am lucky enuf to have a fren who is willing to fetch me to Library to look for her. I bought her favourite marble cheese cake and went to look for her. RITE. THE GUY WHO HURT HER IS THERE. WTH is this? I mean...since you guys hav already break up...why is he stil there??? I tot there are suppose to b 3 of thm but not 4? What is happening now? I m confused and angry. I put the cake on the table, hug her, snap photos wid her, wish her and then I ciao. RITE. I din give a damn to tat guy even when he is trying to be frenly with me. GAH. What is that...one leg step two boats...nvr sked that he will get drowned one day. =.=" ARGH...owritee...chill chill...><"

Rite. I mentioned I went for movie when my fren text'ed me rite? Rite. I went for movie - Just another Pandora Box with Olivia's gang. It is no doubt a freaking funny movie BUT it made me feel even more guilty tat I din wait for my cousie for the movie. She once told me that she wanted to watch the movie so much...up till the last second we catch up with each other...still...she tells me "I want to watch Yuet Gwong Bou Hap TT_TT" I have been telling her that we might be watching the movie on Wednesday since last Sunday...tat time she already starts to "yerrrrr..." and make complains...and yea...we are really watching on Wednesday...I told cousie if she want to change her mind in joining the movie, I will get the tix for her...even when she wants to watch at the very last minute...BUT...owrite. She dun want to. Erm...okay...my bad...I shud hav suggested the gang to watch on Sat but not Wed...BUT ERM...actually the gang have been watching movies on Saturday for many times as I m the one who organize...sometimes I just cant take control of everything everytime, rite? So, I've found another solution. Since cousie wanted to watch so badly...I suggested to watch with her again on this coming Saturday or Sunday afternoon. "I tot you watching with thm 2nite ady? Siao ar? Watch again?" she said. FINE. SIAO. LOLx. Wokayyyy...and when I try to persuade her again...she said " Saturday afternoon I want to stay at home, don't want to go out". GREAT. Tell me what I should do now to make both of us feel better? T_T. Got a bit regretted to join the gang for the movie...I even tot of giving out the tix...SIGH. Sometimes I really find that she is hard to please and she is really a freaking fast mind-changer lolx. Challenging, indeed, BUT I guess you will feel the victory when you gets to win her heart. xD Owrite. Stop the crapz. I juz want to mumble a little. Okay. Mayb not a little. ><"

GAH. Guess it's all bcoz my aunty will be dropping by SOON. ><"