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Friday, December 12, 2008

Wong Kok @ Pavilion

My ex-colleagemates date me for dinner today (12th December 2008) for early celebration^^ Yes. I am the one who decide suggest to have dinner there as I read some review saying that it have nice scenery^^

Get to be seated to enjoy the nice scenery^^

The Interior

As the birthday gal/boy, flash your IC and you table will get a FOC Huge cup of HK milk tea with the min purchase of rm30 above^^ and I am the lucky one tat day hehe...

and and and...they actually give out photo album as birthday gift as well!!! Surprised me actually^^

As I've started to work, bag have actually become part of the "useful" tool in my life. I need bag to stuff all my important thingy inside. You name it, I got it in the bag...LOLZ

So, bag is one of my pressie^^ hehe
thx Pen and frenz~

Not forgetting the octopus given by Fish and Sharon

Few weeks back, I've actually talk to my cousin and sister, discussing to get something in order to hang in the car so that we can actually recognize my car from far. AND now, the problem is being solved with the Octopus's help^^

Everybody can just read my mind. I thought my mind can't be read easily tho??!!!
hmmph...no good no good...gonna hide my personality and tot well ady...hehe

Thing cannot be miss during Birthday celebration


Opps...it's not X'mas celebration, well you know

this is the problem we will face when your birthday is near X'mas^^

You should know which one is me

the eye-catchy one

The lads, the tigers~~~ROAR

and here we wish you
Merry Christmas^^

Oh ya, before I forgot. There's an event on-going outside Pavilion that night. Near the main entrance. It is called "Silent Disco". An open-air disco without music being played "open-airly". It is so damn cool where people who attended have to stuff their ear with headphone in order to enjoy the music and nobody from the "outside" world can hear any single thing. What I can see is people dancing, enjoying, and of course...me and my fren...laughing...

A very interesting event organized by Dell, but did it actually help up in boosting the sales? Or it have actually helped in reducing the noise pollution??!!!

Niway, can't deny that - it's cool.