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Friday, December 26, 2008

Farewell @ Pav for Angie

We have actually planned long for Angie's farewell. Earlier we wanted to Sing K, but we can't get the right timing as avbody will finish work quite late, and our two "prince" are all busy during weekends. Thus, we then go to Pavilion for dinner. Everybody leave early today, or to say, sharp 6 in the evening. We took bus to Pavilion downstairs of our Co. It've been long since the last time I hop into the public bus.

Here we are, Pasta Mania

We ordered a family set where it is cheaper. So, the photos below are all in a set.^^(Can't recall the food of the name as I don't have the reciept wid me and I actually updated dis blog on 8th Jan 09...lol...sorry la...too bz wid my work recently)

We actually wanted to order dessert. BUT all their desserts sold off.(I personally think they didn't make one as mayb ther's nobody will order dessert in their resto)
There's a western couple sitting next to our table. Earlier when we are in the resto, they actually offer us to take one of their table as they saw that there's a BIG group of us. Then, they actually offer us their drink as they don't take coke and it comes in a set. Surprise that they are actually that frenly as we are local and they are foriegner, we shud have treat them as our guest. LOL. But we end up become their guest and being treated very well. lol

As a dessert lover, of course, I have to take some dessert and I've keep a space in my stomach to fill up wid dessert. Moreover, I will feel sorry to myself if I've go all the way to Pavilion but didn't take in any dessert. Thus, we have actually go for the second round. MOF(Mystery of Food). WooHoo!!! I lup it. Gonna order Macha Parfait dis time.

Macha Macha here we come!!!

the oni one i can recall
Macha Parfait

Slurp slurp. Post wid Macha before makan. lol

The main character of the day - Angie

The lads tat attended the dinner. The "prince" are too shy to snap photos.

Alrite. After stomach have been fully loaded. It's time for us to ciao. Everybody is walking to different way to hop into their transport. Me, andrew and angie are leading to the same way. There's an event being held outside the main entrance of Pavilion. No idea with the event BUT their dancing show have actually bring back my passion for dancing.

ARGH...I wanted to learn dancing so much since I am at secondary school but I never get any chances to attend. I did find out where are the places that can learn dancing but end up I didn't join. Don't ask me why. I can't remember. Aiks...will it be too late for me to join now???

Don't care, after I've clear all my debt(for bao bao) I will go and ask. BUT...I juz feel pai seh...if the class that I am joining are all "underage" kids. Ish...I miss my 17. >"<