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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pasta Zanmai, One Utama

Checked my bank account and AT LAST my second income is there.

Brought Bao Bao for 2nd Jab dis morning. The first time I bring him to Vet. Registered myself and Bao Bao at the Vet. Doctor measure Bao Bao's weight before it is being given the 2nd Jab.

1.35kg, the doctor said.

OMG, never tot of he is actually that heavy as the parents' are
Mom : 1.5kg
Dad : 2kg

Hmmph...Bao Bao is almost 3 months old now there's another month for him to grow. I wonder to what extend it can actually grow. (pray hard that it wont grow so fat or the family will feel reluctant to play with him...>_<)
Doctor said : He might hurt a lil while Jab is being given as he is a lil skinny. (A little skinny....>_<)

But Bao din even bark and feel nothing while the jab is being given and done. The Doctor feel weird as well...lolz Notti Bao...dunno what's the feel of being hurt ke???!!!

Doctor then said: He will get fever and will turn weak for two days at the same time he will not have appetite to eat. You will see him sleep all day long.

Okay. Noted all the points above and will keep it in heart. Bring him back home and put him into the cage.

Bao, Be good boy and sleep well ya. As doctor say you will spend all your time sleeping...we've got no choice but go shopping...LOLZ...wakkakakakk...

Yeap. As the 2nd income is here. It's time for me to do shopping and treat myself well. Today we've decided to go One Utama and the meal for today will be ---> Japanese Food.

Yea. I love Japanese food. and I always do.

My colleague Olive have actually recommended this resto and at the same day bell recommended as well. Since avboday is recommending this, I will give this a try.

Here we go.

Pasta Zanmai

The Interior

While waiting...

Simply Strawberry^^

Unagi Set

Cream Croquette

The Dessert - Macha Parfait

Yes. Dessert is my all time favourite!!! Lup it^^
Thanks for the photographer of the day - My sista.
???!!! That's all for the entry??? YEA...that's all. Just wanted to share photos in this entry. hehe...Till then...