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Friday, December 12, 2008


My collegemates started to recieve their results for degree from the month of October.

I did not recieve any mail from my Uni and have actually sent email twice in order to request from my lecturer.

Yesterday night I have actually sent the request for the third time but to another person in charge.

She is very effective tho. I've recieved email from the lectuerers, supervisor and admin telling that they will send me the result by tomorrow using first class postage. At the same time, they have actually attached my result in the mail.

Feel down when I see the result. It is not what I want.

Sigh... =/

A little regret in sending that request yesterday. Should have do it after my BIG day.

Well well. What will be, will be~


Anonymous said...

well, past is past.
better concentrate on yr job bah.
u very fast will become ceo of research team. wakaka

miaoyi said...

CEO of research team
can I choose being a "xiu lai lai"