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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The one you can never miss

Able to check out what's the content inside?

Trying very hard to see???

Okay okay...I will enlarge it for you.

How could you miss a friend who enjoy digging for her best friend? Hurry up...get her contact from me in order to become one of her best friends so that you can be "dig" one day as well.


get caught by Olive(poppye's wify aka the person above) before I am trying to blog this out.

Niway, I am still sharing this with you guys^^

*p/s: Angie, fulfilled your requirement???


Pei Ping said...

AAAaarrggghhhh......i'm gonna strangle u for posting this in ur blog u notty gurl....hmph...u watch out k....u r not goin to reach home safely to9...

lyn said...

somehow she is back home n now in office le.. hehe..