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Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Ever realize that there will be a lot of weirdos hanging ard recently?

Especially during weekends?


the weirdos that I found

1 - A lot of drivers like to drive at fast lane, or double lane, drive slowly, x put signal, put the wrong signal and turn into the other side. (curse thm gao gao...blocking the way...tat's why KL will always be jam during weekends la...=.=")

2 - Went to Pavilion last week Sunday. To my surprise, I saw a lot of people holding a "branded" bag in their hand. I.E: LV(the most common one), coach, Gucci, Burberry...and the age range are within 15+(above 15).

GDI...It is like we must at least have a "branded" stuff in hand in order to shop at Pavilion. >"<
I can even see those seafoods holding the branded bag. Not to say I m bias...(yes I am...lol)but...don't you think that you have to see your own outlook and status before you hold those branded stuff in hand in order to "show off".

Ask urself, if like you see those seafood holding the branded bags that shows LV, Gucci, coach logo, what's the 1st thing that come into your mind?

"it must b a fake one"

See??? So no matter you are holding a Ori one or a fake one, still people will judge you from your outlook before they see the branded stuff that you are having.

To all seafoods(not you if you are reading coz my readers are all *cough*upper class people*cough*) out there:

Yes I agree that having a branded stuff in hand will actually show the status of yours(this is all bcoz of the ads.) BUT Think wisely and choose wisely to suit your outlook and not following the trend "blindly". Sick of those people who like to show off without thinking if they actually have the "quality/ability" to do so o not...=.="

3 - Will update if I see any. LOLz