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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wedding Dinner

Red bomb to me!
So yea,
the wedding bell rings again~

Mah outlook of the day xD

attended a wedding dinner on Malaysia Day
It's mah fren's sista wedding Dinner held at Pandan Lake Club.

Only get to know I've been here once after I reached the place.
Another heavy dinner day =p

First time I received a wedding invitation
First time I give ang pau myself
(tot of keeping it for my sista gang member wedding nxt year)
First day in wearing my geo-lens
[it just made me feel alright after I got the geo-len on =)]
It's the first time of whole Msia celebrating Malaysia day tho

and erm

It was a rainy day that day when you bring me there
It was our dating day but u gotta rush ther
bcoz ur kaima asked to (due to work)
I waited in the car for half an hour
I remember I wasnt very happy but couldnt recall WHY
I only remembered that I blast music in the car
and was keeping quiet on our way back home
anger eased away when I almost reach home
bcoz you asked for a peck b4 I got down from the car
Silly girl I am.

How are you?