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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Contra of Friday

It's mah dayyyyyyyyyyy xD
Tho I slept only at 4++
but I woke up freaking early

I woke up at 7++
bcoz I cant sleep anymore
my eyes were swollen
due to the waterfall yest nite ><

So yea, I get myself seated in front of brother's PC to watch TVB drama. Saw mum, got "stamp" from her and there I get changed go Q at the gardens to get iPhone 4. Nyahahahahx. I reached there at 910. The Q is already like freaking long...><" Din know the main line principle have to be there till the staff there asked to fill up the form. DARN. I called my mum and yea she is really really really brighten up my day. She turns up. xD Imagine a auntie who dont always go shopping, doesn't know the ways and stuff drive all the way to The Gardens for me. yea rite. I am a bad daughter. =p Mum reached widout giving me a black face *yay! We get the number and shopped around. Oh yea. Had food at Fung Lye bcoz I was freaking hungry til wanna faint. I din grab any food nor drinks b4 I leave the house AND I din bring myself water. It is really better to go in a pair so one can actually get drinks, food, walk ard, survey ard while the other one can stay and Q. Get everything settled at 1600++ then balik rumah. xD

herein I presents mah iPhone xD
Brother have got one too ;)

Reached home ard 1700++. Srsly exhausted but happy. Took a 15mins rest. Get bath, changed, dolled up and there I drive myself to the Hugo Boss Bottled nite. xD First time I drove myself to club, first time in attending client's event at Zouk. xD Each and everyone of us get a free bottle of Hugo Boss fragrance. w00ts~ Saw couples of local celeb. We are just sitting next to them. =p. We actually sneaked out from the event and snap photos with the bottle displayed outside xD

That's me and Vivien
(my kelic)

Stay for after party.
Velvet underground is the place.
and yea I met new frenz ;)
They are Vivien's frenz.

Thanks LengC for giving face in turning up =p
bcoz I know my level
and I would really nid somebody to drive =p

Just tell me
match anot? =p
I am so cupid wannabe nao!

I was dreaming while fetching my fren back home. Lucky that it is a straight road and I noticed I was dreaming b4 anything happened.*touch wood

Still loving the crowds and music @ Phuture =p

He parked his car nxt to mine in the morning, Q bhind me and his mum and him was so good to look after my place ask me to go take a walk and ask questions I wanna ask(bcoz my principle is not here and it will be better to talk to the BIG ppl instead of the servicing crews) AND I met him at Zouk after the party ends. He was blur when I says HI to him till I told him I got my iPhone 4. =p The world is really really very small =p. BUT oh well, we dunno each other's name nor leave phone number to each other xDDD