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Friday, September 17, 2010

Relaxing Friday xD

Almost of half of my department's kelics applied leave today(due to Malaysia day yest) and my counterpart went for training. There, I had a quite relaxing working day after lunch hour =p

It was hectic in the morning bcoz there are few things need to close by today b4 noon. (and all are my manazer's work. Helping to follow up and close it bcoz of the deadline given...=p)

It is really like once in a blue moon that I can go out to have long lunch and I got the chance to do it today xD. Went to Lot 10 for late lunch(left Co. at 215pm)
with my other kelics and tried the below.

Teriyaki Pork Burger!
It is really ♥~

Reached Opis at 4pm =p
Start clearing my emails
Company gave us

How sweet it is! =)
It's the first time we received moon cake
or to say
the company giving out moon cake to the staff for the first time.

Left company at 1845
which is another once in a blue moon thingy

So yea
that marks my relaxing Friday =p

I watched 3 ep of drama at Co. =x
Completed the whole set at 1am