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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

ex-collegemates gathering

10 of us made it for the gathering and this include Pen's bf =p

It was suppose to be a small gathering organized by Yan Qi bcoz she came to KL all the way from Penang and she wants to catch up with some lads. Since it is like once in a blue moon that Yan Qi will come to KL, the gang have decided to make it BIG and there...all the ppl that we can only meet once in a blue moon turns up. These include Marvin-san, Yan Qi and LengC(who have juz came back from UK)

Did a small or to say pre Birthday celebration for Pen.
It's Kerk's suggestion.
Pen wasnt really happy bcoz

Kerk asked her to buy the cake herself at nite market
(where got ppl liddat one, want celebrate bday for ppl but ask ppl to buy cake =p)
He lied to Pen and tell he wants to eat cake and ask Pen to get it for him.
Oh well,
a behli special "birhtday cake" indeed.
My dear Pen,
we will for sure celebrate your birthday again
no worries =p

So yea, after the gathering, Kerk asked for 2nd round. He said his frenz are at Opera. AND, erhem...we...went to Opera. Yay! At last I grab the chance to pay Opera a visit. ^^v
M actually pointing the Opera sticker to prove that I am at Opera =p
that's me, Yan Qi, Miyuki and LengC
Black label is the liquor
and I had 2 glasses of on the rock xD

Loving the on the rock than drinking it with mixer
my kelic is rite,
black label shouldnt drink with mixer =)

Din really club hard tho
bcoz it's too spacious and I feel weird
and erm
the music...wasn't really right
and it made me miss Zouk.

when are we gonna pay Zouk a visit? =p