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Friday, September 24, 2010

It is just so not my day!

First time I dreamed of you. You treated me so bad in the dream yet I felt reluctant to wake up bcoz I have a belief where it will be opposite in the real life. Oh well. I woke up late but still I decided to dress up myself bcoz I need to attend an event and my bud's bday dinner. Left home at 820 where it is not really late and wanted to withdraw money for the nite and the nite after. Got jammed alllllllll the way to opis and it is already 915 when I reach the junction to turn to the bank. Rite. Don't wish to be late for work and yea, I decided to only withdraw money during lunch hour.

Crapz. Dated my fren for lunch and recalled that there will be a con-call meeting at 1230 when my fren double confirmed with me. Apologize to my fren and waited for 1230's con-call.(I then postponed my plan to withdraw money) Double crapz, meeting was being called off at 1230 bcoz the media owner is still in the meeting and we changed to meet at 3pm in KLCC. Rite. Decided to leave Opis at 1400pm to grab a late lunch before the meeting. As we are having meeting outside, I will then need to get everything ready. eg- the proposal. Another phone call came in at 1345, and yea, the meeting is being called off. AGAIN. RITE. Plan changed. Walked to sumwher near Opis to grab a fast lunch and tot I can withdraw money at the same time. Mood damn no good and I choose to eat. Yeap. We had Yong Tau Fu. Yes you know, the choices are limited bcoz we went out late. Losta food that we ordered - FINISHED. *swt. It starts raining when we are about to leave and yea we din bring umbrella bcoz it wasn't gloomy when we left the Opis. It is approx. 10 mins we have walked under the rain. Postponed my plan to withdraw money.

Have to leave at 1600++ to attend an event organized by the client. Wanted to drive thru to withdraw b4 I reach the event place but received a call from CEO telling we have to reach there early bcoz the BIGGGGGG CEO CLIENT will be there as well. So yea, in order not to be late or get stuck in the jam. I POSTPONED my plan again. Do rounds and rounds and rounds to get a parking slot. Parked illegally and after everybody reached the lift area, there...one car is leaving. In order not to get fine, I walked back and drove my car to take the parking slot. I have left the event at 1900++ bcoz I have to attend the birthday dinner that starts at 2000. Rite. I will definitely be late. AND out of a sudden my phone starts making noise begging for charging. DAMN. I need the phone so badly and it treated me liddat! =.="

Reached at 1U 2020, rush down to S&J and buy pressie for the bday gal. Sushi Zanmai is the place for the bday dinner. Starts Q'ing ard 2100 and only get table after 30 mins wait. (yea BIG BUNCH of us) Dinner, dinner, chit chat and yea it's payment time. I offered myself to swipe my card as I don't have enuf cash. Next you know, it's calculation time. It's 2235 when I starts counting and yea, some miscalculations. Mah phone is making noise more frequently. I got my fren to jot down one of the movie kaki's no b4 my phone went all dead. Called my fren to inform bout my phone DYING.

I leave the mathematics to my fren when it is 2250 and drive all up to catch my 2300 movie at Tropicana Mall. I followed the turn that I know to Tropicana Mall but I couldn't see the Tai Thong resto(am suppose to turn left after the resto) I continue to go all the way straight and keep on eyeing on the buidings that have got Tai Thong words on it. Found sth is wrong. Something is so wrong that Eastin Hotel is now opposite of my side. DAMN. I AM FREAKING LOST AND MY PHONE IS RUNNING OUT OF BATT! Fren of movie kaki called to check where am I, tried to pick up the phone call but the phone went hang and it bcame a mizcal when I got it fixed. Tried to call back but couldn't reach. Used the remain battery to call another movie kaki fren of mine. Informed that I wont b going bcoz I am freaking lost but I end the call by promising "I will try my best to reach". The highway is so damn jam by no reason and I took a shortcut to sneak from PJSS2(did a wrong turn )and go all mah way up giving myself a last chance to see if I can reach Tropicana Mall. AND yea, this time round I saw the Tai Thong resto, their light is not on! DAMN. No wonder I can't see the building. =.="

So yea, I reached Tropicana Mall at 2330. Walked to the tix counter and told the gal bout my situation. PHONE DIE FREN INSIDE. She lend me her phone. I starts calling my fren's phone no. to ask for the movie kaki number. Got the number, then I start calling and calling and calling, it rings, it cuts off, it rings, it cuts off... Have the phone with me for like 10 minutes(which seems to be like an hour for me!) and felt embarrass to keep the phone with me for so long. Come on, it's ppl's personal phone man! I returned the gal her phone and told her my fren is not answering and I don't have the tix with me. She looked at the clock and got shocked when I told her the movie time. I walked off by forgetting to say thanks and look for public telephone booth. There I found one, slot coins and start calling and calling and calling AGAIN. I was so freaking nervous+scared bcoz it is kinda dark at the telephone booth. It's midnite 12 by then. Rite. I stop. I die heart. I called another fren of mine(who joined the bday dinner) asked where they are. Was comforting myself and tell myself that everything will be alrite, it's only a small matter but when my fren answer the call, my voice changed, and my tears start rolling. I just asked if there are going for 2nd round and I will meet them up.

Stop my tears to drop b4 I walked away from the telephone booth. Got up to the car and follow the sign to get out from the building. The arrow showed the wrong direction and I made TWO BIG ROUNDS to get out from that building. Followed LDP signboard and starts speeding up like anything. Rite. Found the way that I am heading seems to be damn wrong by looking at the signboard. Cheras. Puchong. DAMN. I am at the other way round. GREAT.Find ways to do U-turn and finally I saw the Kepong signboard. Speed ALLLLL UP. I cant hold my tears anymore, it starts falling like waterfall bcoz it is really not my day! Oh dear guan yin ma, please tell me what did I do wrong?

I just have got loads to complain!
DAMN ><"

Maybe I should think like this,
I wasnt really late for work
no meeting needed on a Friday
losta food finish=eat less=diet
It wasnt raining cats and dogs that I can't go back to Opis
I get a parking slot in KLCC and wont get fined and don't have to walk far
The jam wasn't bad on my way to 1U
Get to buy my fren a pressie she like
Everybody paid me in correct amount and even keep checking if I got all the money back
have frenz to do re-calculation bcoz I am in a rush for movie
met a good hearted GSC staff and she lend me her phone
got coinsssss to make phone calls and remember one of my fren's number (that's bcoz another fren of mine happened to ask for her no)
Got enuf petrol and still get to reach home safely, blogging here.

it is really not my dayyyyyyyyy
Please tell me WHY???
What happened to the wishes I made and promises I did?
Tell me in the dream will ya?


I am really upset and disappointed with myself
not knowing the way well
not good in calculations
not getting my phone charge
not having enuf money in my purse
what happened to me?!