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Friday, September 10, 2010

Cirphy in Forest

It's cousie's wedding
Third relative wedding I attended dis year
after cousie Yee Ling and cousie Candy ;)

Cirphy is my cousie's name and forest is her hubby's name.
The title above was created by them for their wedding.
How sweet =)
Oh yea.
Congratulation cousie^^

here-in I proudly present
the re-presenters of gal's family aka receptionists aka ang pau collectors

from left to right
me, sista and dearie cousie Candy

Was told to reach at 1900 but I was late due to the bad make up day I had. Yeap. Ppl have got bad hair day and I have this stupid bad make up day. I spent almost one hour for the make up but everything ruined...and I was actually wearing a very fugly make up to attend the dinner. I even painted my nail in the car on my way to the resto bcoz I am going to be late. Thank god I have my brader to fetch me ther so that I have got sufficient time for nail painting =p

So yea. I reached ard 1915 to take over my cousie's place collect ang paus, inform table number and ask for wishes written on the signature book. It's my second time doing this and I learned. Anyone out there wanna hire receptionist for your wedding dinner, ring me up! =p

Us wid the bride =)

m3 n Cousie =)
next up wil b you,
rite? =p
after her,
I am really the last one at my batch from my mum's side
who have not married out HAHA
then nxt year I wil b hearing ppl asking
"why x bring bf, whn is ur turn"
no longer
"got bf ady? Don't rush, you are still young"
Yea I am like freaking care
think I shud go join my sista's batch *blek

Owrite enuf of that
see this lil cutie down here
she is always that cute and sweet
and everybody will for sure grab her to sayang her whenever ther's a chance
and of course this include me! xD

So yea,
last but not least
Yea I knew that you are starting to help in making OS for me
Eg :
"When is my turn"

I was only making guilty face
I took few bites during this wedding dinner
My diet plan...
Buhuuuu T_T

I love and hate this long weekends

I din really follow the diet menu
but I din really eat
I gained what I lost

Chup! Chup!
Went to meet up wid Marcus Saw at One U 2day
Yeap the 194.7cm guy is back from UK ;)
Resident Evil is the movie
and we watched at TGV ><"
Went for Wong Kok b4 show
2nd day in Wong kok =X

Till Then xD