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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Colorful Sunday ;)

Levain and I-City made the colorful Sunday xD

Discovered Levain at FB
and tot of giving it a try

Reviews said it is always pack
and so,
I called to do reservation

"No reservation can be make on weekends/public holidays"
[by no chance at all ;(]

Had a backup plan in mind, if it is pack we will move to another place
but phew...
Lucky that my frenz manage to get tables,
(like kindergarten kind ><")
and yes,
we get to give Levain a try ;)

It's like I am in a different world *intoxicated

The interior

Reasonable price they offered ;)

Intoxicated again~ xD

obsessions ♥~

This is how upstairs look like xD

Mah piece of art of the day
the feel will be ther if I photoshop a lil =p

Levain sells pasta, bread, cakes and beverages with reasonable price.
My frenz ordered variety of cakes,
and I can see their "meltz face" everytime they take a bite
Happy that my frenz love the place =)

I am so gonna try their Tiramisu next time!
Yea m on diet and only manage to drink 2 spoonful of creamy mushroom soup and it is awesomeliciosness ♥~

Yeap. I-City next

Trees and animals

Autumn fever!

Winter fever xD

I rike this the most

this the most most most I rike! LOLxNext Top model! =p
(thanks me for saving ur meal xD)

grabbed a chance to have a walk at I-City
the hottest place that we need to pay a visit NOW NOW NOW
or we will b kinda "outdated" *blerk
hmmph...talk bout this we have not all went to Broga Hill yet =p

It is so damn hot & crowded ther
I wonder if tomorrow is a working day
there are a lot of ppl coming whn we are leaving at 9++

I guess I will enjoy more
IF only
I am wearing shorts+tee+slipper
and have a DSLR wid me ;p


reached home ard 12am
slept at 2am
Is tomorrow Sunday? =p