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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Adorable Pair!?

Project 365 #304


it looks so adorable

isn't it?


Went to Sg. Wang for lunch today and shopped a little to get myself a pair of heels as there are only another 5 days to CNY. CNY is srsly a freaking good reason for me to shop. xD Oh well. I must get myself to buy a pair heels today else I can only buy heels a month later. CNY chinese blif...buy heels during CNY mth will bring bad lucks and I wannabe super good luck dis year! lolx

The first store I entered is Nose as I always fancy the heels inside. The designs are nice and it is like not much ppl wil be buying heels from Nose compare to Vincci(feel so P&M leh). Spotted this nice pair of heels. Put it on and it have covered up my fat sial feet. Oh well. I srsly got a meaty feet that made me hard to find a pair a nice heels that suits me. TT_TT. Checked the price...omfg...it's out of my budget. T_T. I put it back and went to other shoes stores. Oh well. After I've entered 194719271927 stores(psst...during working lunch hour) yet...I stil heart the first pair I saw and yea...end up we enter Nose again and I bought it widout hesitation(in a rush to work as well and there's no time for me to shop this week ady). *purse bleeding AGAIN


I can't blif that I bought a not-so-my-style heels as my CNY heels.