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Sunday, February 07, 2010

It's thorough cleaning day!

Project 365 #302


I know very messy.

Been dragging in cleaning the room for very long and nxt week will b CNY ady

die die oso nid to clean up.

Woke up at 730am in the morning. ftw. =.=" Went for breakie and there me and dearie sis starts to clean up our room. Oh no. It doesn't means that we only do cleaning once a year. This is a thorough cleaning and we will nid to clean each and every small little corner in our room. Phew. Lucky it's only OUR room. Oh btw. The phatarse who camwhore upther is me. So FAT can! ARGHHHHHH...thanks markie in reminding me constantly. And yea. tat's part of the room and part of the missions of the day. xD

We started to clean our room from 12 til 4++ pm. ZOMG. I nvr tot it actually took so long but I srsly feel very happy in looking at the superduper tidy room. =) . Arrange my closet after tat. ARGH. I srsly nid another new closet. Ta~