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Saturday, February 06, 2010


Project 365 #301


I know watcha thinking

Stop that dirty tot.


Oh well,

yea...it's me who is dirty.

*tsk tsk

Attended a annual dinner together wid my parents. It's my dad's Co.'s supplier annual dinner. Everybody get to draw one lucky number before entering the hall and that's my mum's lucky number. I chuckled a lil when I saw the number...oh puulissss dun act innocent you! That's erm...little johnnie it's what you think it is? Aiseh. ><"

As CNY is around the corner, we get to lou sang. Mah first yee sang of the year. The feelings in "
mixing" the yee sang 2geda wid a table of people AND SIX pairs of chopsticks(deduct me, my sis and my parents) tat I don't know is erm kinda disgusting weird.

There's a lucky draw session during the dinner and they are giving out a total of 15 hampers with THREE huge hampers. W00ts!!! Of course the small small hamper will be giving out first. After the 12 hampers been giving out, I told my mum no hope ady...ANDDDDD and and and we all heard "ZERO - ONE - ZERO" zomg! We won we won! Miracle does happen!!! Me, my sis and my parents are all so excited...we all stood up the 4 of us are pushing each other to get up to the stage to collect the hamper. Mum keep on asking me to go...she said "I give you all the lucks, after this the lucks will then always knock on your door" Awwww so sweet can!(bcoz I always complain I am a no luck person ><")So yea. I went on the stage to accept the HUGE hamper. I m srsly VERY excited and damn gan cheong at that very moment. I mean...you know the feeling of a person who always have got no luck get to accept a prize got from lucky-draw. My hand shakes and my heart srsly beats very fast...it's more like I am gan-cheong'ing in welcoming the GOOD luck into my life.

So yea.

The farney 010 won mah family a prize.