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Friday, February 12, 2010

Hot Peri-Peri!!!

Project 365 #307

Went Nando's for luncheon today

wid Drew and Les.


Been eating out for the WHOLE WEEK.



Wokay. It's New year's eve's eve. Who have got mood to work?! Who is not in holiday mood???!!! Oh well. I am srsly in holiday mood but SIGH. I have to bring my work home and do bcoz I am taking another extra THREE days of leaves. Hello. Tell me...how many of you will still work at home when you are supposed to off??? M no those BIG boss oso...why nid to b so hardworking? AND...it's not bcoz I can't finish off my work. It's bcoz...the data juz came in today and the dearest neighbour emailed to "remind" me to send the work wid updated data on 22nd Feb where I am still suppose to go on leave. GAH. Wateva. Nobody cares bout me. Nobody see. Nobody know BUT when ther's any problems I am the first who get shoot and complain. wtf. I srsly damn angry when I got complain for the dear "neighbour" widout any preamp. HELLO. I WORK SO MUCH FOR YOU GUYS AND I GET ONLY ONE FREAKING DAY TO TAKE OVER THE WORKLOADS. THIS IS ONLY THE THIRD MONTH I TOOK OVER THE JOB "TEMPORARY" AND HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO GIVE YOU A PERFECT WORK WID NO MISTAKE? GAHHHHHHH. STUPID!!! AND I HAVE GOT OTHER WORKS TO DO AS WELL. TELL ME! WHO UN ME. Buhuuuu...nobody. They will juz add my workloads, think I can do it, and question me back when ther's problem. Owhhh...it's a post bout Nando's...lolx...niway...Thanks for bearing wid me. M feeling better now. lolx

Okay Okay. It's like a once in a blue moon(yea...new sentence I used quite often recently coz I suddenly recalled it was my N years net fren's name...lolx...btw I lost contact wid him tho) that I offered Les and Drew to have lunch 2geda. Of course they give me face to makan 2geda la. lolx. It is like the 3rd or 4th time I makan at Nando's yet I am blur when comes to order. Les ordered freaking fast when I m still trying to understand the menu wat hot peri-peri, peri-peri...dis set and tat set...and, oh well, lucky to have Les who guided me...(I basically asked him wat he ordered and followed him) I manage to order widout keeping the waiter waiting. lolx. It's another freaking full and sinful day. T_T. My stands to diet is getting weaker...ARGHHHHHH.

Niway. I am srsly so geram bout the complain. They nvr ask me bout my situation, nvr preamp me, nvr un me and there write in an email to CEO and complain bout me and I dun even know bout her existance as a manazer and nvr deal wid her b4 at all!!! FARK HER BIATCH! Really Hot Peri-Peri.