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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Should I? Should I Not?

"If I am not getting a boyfriend this year, I am getting a pet next year"

That's what I told my mom yesterday after dinner. 
Mom's respond?

"Faster get a boyfriend then"
"We have got no maid at home and there won't be anybody home in the afternoon"

True. Nobody will take care of the doggie in the afternoon.
Oh ya. The pet that I mentioned, is a dog that I would like to keep.
Nothing else but Maltese. (=

Thinking that the possibility of me getting a pet is much more higher,
(it is already mid-Sep now and Q4 is on its way xP )
I start browsing the Internet and look for details etc.
I then start to miss my little CSB and log into my blog.

He was with me from Oct 2009 and for 11 months.
Trying to remember the happy time I had with him and came across a post titled
I read the post all over again
I hesitate.