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Monday, September 10, 2012

I just feel like typing...

Feels grey and blue today.
Grey caused by the weather and Blue...none other things but Monday blue.

EMO just strikes without alarming me.
(well, since when EMO will alarm people lol)
The past keep flashing in my mind while I was driving to work.
(thank god women are always known good at multitasking HAHA)

Missing the good old times that I spent with my secondary schoolmates.
the time we stay back late in school to work something out,
the time we stay back for our curriculum,
the time when we are allowed to cheer(scream) like nobody's business
and of course...
the time when we were caught by principle because we speak in Mandarin.
We actually gained "5 minutes of fame" per person but standing on the stage, giving out speeches on a  Monday's assembly.
AND I am proud to say that we are the first batch. HAHAHA

Missing the good old times that I spent with my collegemates.
the time we stay up late for assignments (caused me crashed into a car because I got not enough sleep)
the time we gather at night to study for exams (and we heard "piak piak piak" sound while studying)
the time we celebrate each and everybody's birthday with a lots of creative ideas
the time we bring video cameras around to shoot.

I just suddenly felt that "care-free" is distancing itself from me when I grow
and that's the reason why we are always looking back at the old times
then saying things like "how good is it to be a baby...all you need to do is to eat and sleep. Maybe cry a little sometimes LOL"

BUT there's nothing bad to grow.
I actually see myself changing.
I used to be very rebellion and always made my mum mad at me.
I don't always stay at home and the house is just like a hotel for me.
Friends always come first for me and family come last.

However, as times go, I felt my love towards my mum is growing bit by bit from day to day.
I start to appreciate things that she does for me and I wish I can do more for her.
I couldn't imagine the day that we will split apart. =(
I've started to love my family more than my friends. (but friends, this doesn't means that I don't love you guys anymore k =p, I still prioritize everybody beside me)

The only thing that I've not seen myself changing is...my dual personality in cyber space and real person.
I wish I can be talkative one day just like how I did in cyber space.

Owritedee. Got to go.
Back to work~