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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Food Hunt xD

Malacca it is!

Pork Satay : Sun May Hiong Satay House
Thousand Layers cake : Nadeje
Asam Laksa & Cendol : Jonker 88
Portuguese baked fish + squid : Sea Terrace
Sim ham + La la : Capital Delicious Seafood


Only confirm going like at the very last minute. Depart at 12 and there we start food hunting. Tried a lot of different tasty food at Malacca. No more chicken rice balls, no more satay celup, no more baba nyonya dishes.

It's my first time eating and visiting all the above(except cendol) Had fun and don't really feel the tiredness ;) AND it is really eating, eating and EATING. No travel ard to see all the famous/tourist spots, not much of photo snapping.

I dare not stand on the weighting scale anymore.
MY diet plan. *sobz