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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Incredible Thursday Nite

Finished work at 2220 wafak. 2220. Nvr ever tot that I will leave company at this late hour. Planner life it is! xD (darn I got serious headache...T_T)

So yea. I received text at 1800++ to ask for dinner tonite. (Crapz, Boo-boo for a people who have just started their diet plan - m3) Tot I can neglect it and I received call at the next second. So yea, Ding dong here Ding dong there time & location changed from 830pm, KL area, dinner to 10pm Sunway Giza, drinking session.

Face given to the birthday uncle boi - Nkk. 8 of us turn up for the drinking session and Beer Factory is the place.

The drinking session ends at 12++ as everybody is working next day. I received a phone call from my ex-collegemates. WELL. There's another drinking session going on at Sanctuary and they ask me to join. GOSH.



I went to Sanctuary to meet my frenz up


Get myself seated there till 2++ and left.
I did a lot of illegal turn in & U-turn on my way to The Curve. =x

I did not consume any alcohol tonite

Happy Birthday LKK ;)
serious headache I had today