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Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Project 365 #120

Yea it's Wednesday

and moviesss tix wil b cheap on Wed^^

So Yea,

went for movie

with the bunch

that is out of my expectation.

Received a call in the evening, during my VERY BZ working hour as it is time to go off soon yet I stil got bunch of works waiting for me to be done. It is a call frm the number tat did not appear in my contact list.

Him : Hello.
M3 : Yes?
Him : Wan go for movie 2nite?
M3 : Who are you?
Him : Calvin, Calvin Neo. (Calvin Neo is my ex-kelic)
m3 : What movie?
Him : Overheard.
m3 : *I chuckle a little and start thinking he is joking, and, he is not Calvin but Calvin's fren - Yan who likes to crapz and never be serious.* What time? Where you wanna watch at?
Yan : Jusco, 1030pm.
m3 : Okay. Get me two tix please. I am bringing my cousie along *I actually say yes widout
thinking and asking my cousie bcoz I know for sure he wil b joking*

Yan : You sure?
m3 : *see see...he is showing his tail ady* Yea la...
Yan : Okay la thn I buy tix de la...see u 2nite.

I then put off the phone continue wid my work widout thinking bout the movie at nite til I reach home.

I called him at 10pm.

m3 : Hello. Where are you?
Yan : At home.
m3 : I tot u said got movie?
Yan : Yea la...moving out now to meet my frenz and go movie 2geda lo. You nid me to pick you up?
m3 : WHAT??? Your frenzz??? I tot you, yourself only? Who is watching wid us?
Yan : Calvin la...
m3 : Oo okay la thn...see you later.

I then call up Calvin and ask him
m3 : Oi...where are you?
Cal : Home la.
m3 : You not going for movie?
Cal : Wat movie? I am gaming here.
m3 : Overheard...watch 2geda wid Yan.
Cal : No...I m gaming here...wanna level up la...
m3 : You sure?
Cal : Yea la...I nid to level up...

I felt so lucky tat I call Calvin up and seeeee....tat Yan is joking. Phew...lucky I haven leave my house yet.


Cal : You want date me out for movie is...K la...After level up thn I'll go for movie la...
m3 : Wat the...I tot u said not watching movie? Are you for real??? Wat is wat now??? Wat movie u watching?
Cal : Overheard. I am watching wid Yan's bunch la...
m3 : *Still not very sure if thy are both joking or for real* Okayyy la...come and pick me up
later(this is to double confirm that thy are for real and I m not being fool by them)

Cal : So near your house...go urself la...
m3 : Dun wan...no parking!!!
Cal : K la K la...

I put the phone off...still thinking if both of them are for real or only joke ard. Coz thy seriously like to crapz and talk nonsense a lot...and I always kena tipu one...=.="

At 1020pm. Calvin called. Me and cousie hop into his car, and there, for real, we are off for movie - Overheard. This is the very first time I went out for movie wid Yan and Calvin and a bunch of people tat I never met before. =.=" Thanks to Yan and Calvin tat always like to cheat me since SIX years ago and I tot thy are only joking around.

I know both Yan and Calvin separately six years ago where I know Yan from ICQ(wahhhh...old enufff) and Calvin is my ex-kelic. I never tot of they actually know each other until few days ago when I was doing my mthly activity - send forward sms to everybody in my contact list. Yan called me up using Calvin's phone number and he imitate Calvin's voice, I only get to recognize his voice after he hint me where he stay and stuff. All I want to say is...It is a small small world after all...=.="

So Yea, Overheard. Hong Kong movie tat talks about - bad people wil always die in the end. lolz. A movie tat you must watch bcoz you can see lengzaisssssss like Louis Koo and Daniel Wu and talented actors like Lau Ching Wan, Fong Zhung Soon in the movie. Okay la...serious a bit bit...this movie actually showed how advance the technology is nowadays, and of course, affairs, love stories that will never be missout in any form of movies juz like ajinomoto, and, oh yea, it actually tells that you hav to be cruel and foxy in thought but look clean at the surface if you wanna b a successful person at the same time to be love and respect by the others in your life.

Overall, it is a very good Hongki movie that worth the tix money. Well, as you know, there are not much good quality productions from Hong Kong recently, and yea, Ovearhead is an exception for this year I would say. So, go for Overheard if you miss the good quality HongKi production and bored listening to english dialogues. lolz.

Received a call
got secret mission on-going^^